Why the name “Lace & Leather”?

My husband and I could never really agree on the type of candles we both liked, so we would always shop from different stores. When I started playing with the idea of starting a candle business, I thought to myself: why not build a business that appeals to opposites? In the Lace collection,  we have the more floral and sweet scented candles, and in the Leather collection, we have the more earthy, musky ones! A sort of one-stop shop for all your candle needs.

What kind of materials do you use?

The wax is a carefully chosen parasoy blend that helps diffuse the fragrance in every corner of your home and ensures a long-lasting scent. The wicks are made of cotton. All of our fragrance oils are phtalate and paraben free. 

Do you ship outside of Quebec?

Absolutely! We deliver throughout Canada and the continental USA! If you are local to the Sherbrooke area, you can even pick them up for free.

What is the difference between the 2 wick candles and the 1 wick candles?

Our 2 wick candles diffuse the fragrances better in large rooms. These candles are ideal for open floor plans. Our 1 wick candle is ideal for a bedroom or a less open area. 

How long do the candles last?

Our 2 wick candles (375g) will last about 60 hours and our 1 wick candles (220g) will last about 45 hours.

Do you offer wholesale prices for shops or events?

Yes! Please send us an email at sales@laceleathercandles.co for more information!